A Glimpse of Osaka

I say a glimpse because we literally just had a “glimpse” of Osaka since our stay there was just two full days.  It was a total of four days but the other two days were allotted for our travel time.

I can’t really complain because this is a FREE trip care of an incentive trip/promo given by my company Philam Life. I am grateful that I get to experience Japan even for just two days and we were checked in at The Hilton Osaka Hotel. So no complains here! haha  And yes, this is my first time in Japan.  This trip happened last October 18-21, 2015. Catching up on my overdue posts here.

Hilton Osaka

Our first full day was a tour in Kyoto where we visited two famous temples, Kiyomizu-dera and Kinkaku-ji.

We had a restroom stop over and there was a nearby Icecream store so we went to check it out. I tried their Green tea  Matcha with Vanilla icecream and it was super yummy! But there are so many more flavors to choose from!

Different Flavors
Matcha Vanilla

Then we’re off to our first temple stop – the Kiyomizu-dera Temple which means “Pure Water Temple” where we also drank from their “waterfall” where it is believed to give you good luck and prosperity. This temple is part of the UNESCO World heritage site of Ancient Kyoto.

with my Manager Marilen
Photo with some locals in their traditional Japanese outfits!
Outside one of the temples
the lush scenery inside
with the nice temple background

I don’t really believe in those “Good Luck Rituals” but nothing to lose if I tried it, so I did. 🙂

That’s me scooping some water to drink

We had a Beef sukiyaki with Chicken Karaage lunch.

The Pot and Beef Strips for the Beef Sukiyaki
Chicken Karaage
Matcha Mochi for dessert
with my co-financial advisors, my manager and Terah Bromley, the wife of our former President and CEO

After lunch, we went to the Golden Temple in Kyoto called “Kinkaku-ji”. This is one of the most popular tourist spots/ Buddhist temple in Kyoto. It was established / opened back in 1955.

The Golden Temple in Kyoto – Kinkaku-ji
Posing behind the Kinkaku-ji

Second Day – we just explored on our own. Went to ride their subway station to go to Shinsaibashi mall.

Osaka Station within walking distance from our hotel

In the Subway Station

We ate lunch at a Japanese Restaurant of course! that served bento meals. I had the Eel Bento. 🙂

The Eel set with my favorite Chawan Mushi on the side!

For our dinner we went for some authentic Japanese Ramen at a restaurant in the mall called “Kamukura”. Kamukura in Osaka/Dotonbori has garnered high reviews from its customers.

The Ramen Place!
kamukura Shinsaibashi
Ramen Restaurant
2 Chome-8-26 Shinsaibashisuji
+81 6-6213-1002


The Ramen from Kamukura
Bar-Style type of dining so that people will leave right away after dining

Chanced upon some Authentic Takoyaki (and they don’t put sauce in it)

Local Takoyaki store near Osaka Station
Making some Takoyaki
I love these mini Starbucks takeaways from their convenience store 🙂
My final photo with a local Japanese girl >_<

And that’s a warp! Just like that two days went by so fast! Until my next trip to Osaka! Oh, and I bought a lot of Kitkat and Royce Chocolates! HAHAHA

Different Flavors of Kitkat
Royce Galore!



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